This Land Is Your Land, Our Land



4th of July songs: 

America the Beautiful – Traditional, Katharine Lee Bates
America (My Country, ‘Tis of Thee) – Traditional, Samuel Francis Smith
Battle Hymn of the Republic– Traditional, Julia Ward Howe
The Declaration of Independence– Barbara Speicher
 Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor (The Statue of Liberty)
– With Lesson Suggestions
Halfway to Heaven (A 9/11 Tribute)– Hank Fellows 
      On the 4th of July– Ben Stiefel
      One Heart, One Voice – Hank Fellows
      The Original 13 Colonies Song– Tim Pacific
      Red, White and Blue– Debbie Clement
      Red, White and Blue– Two of a Kind
The Spirit of America – Hank Fellows
The Star-Spangled Banner – Francis Scott Key
The Statue of Liberty– Kathleen Wiley
The United States in Order of Admission– Wendy Wiseman and Al Davis
When Johnny Comes Marching Home– Traditional, Patrick S. Gilmore
U.S.A.– Barbara Speicher
Yankee Doodle– Traditional Song
You’re a Grand Old Flag– Traditional Song
The 50 States and Capitals Song– Tim Pacific

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