New York New York

Enjoy this great song sung by the Chairman of the Board.

Chairman of the Board was one of many heroic epithets used to describe Frank Sinatra during his decades as a leading singer, romantic leading man, and serious movie actor. The Chairman of the Board was also known as The Voice, The King of Crooners, Ol’ Blue Eyes, or simply the Greatest Entertainer of the 20th century.

Check out poet Rod McKuen’s Sinatra Memorial.  U2’s Bono, who performed and recorded with Frank in the nineties, said, “Sinatra has got… swagger and attitude. Bad attitude. Frank’s the chairman of the bad.” In fact, if you’re looking for the dark side of Frank Sinatra, The Smoking Gun probably has it covered. But whether you remember Frank as Old Blue Eyes,  King of the Rat Pack or Chairman of the Board, Sinatra remains unforgettable. He did it his way.

6 thoughts on “New York New York

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