Headshot: Qatar Moneyshot

Qatar is one of many Arab states that have been literally swept up by the vogue of skyscrapers. Its serrated skyline is all but commonplace these days, and though Qatar’s buildings are far from record-breaking in terms of height, their appearance, as if digitally rendered into reality, is reflective of a fast advancing Middle East. For a personal project, photographer Chris Johnson has photographed some of these buildings, isolating each individual skyscraper from its surrounding context and thereby creating a series of architectural headshots. Click through for more.

With backdrops completely erased, the skyscrapers instantly take on an anthropomorphic air, despite the lack of obvious physiognomic features. Johnson’s series becomes an illustrated “cast of characters,” as if the images were introducing an 80’s sitcom. Johnson’s photographs bring attention to the iconic character of contemporary architecture, as each building appears to bask in the limelight once gleefully divorced from its original site.

[All photos courtesy the artist, via Featureshoot]

user imageby Kelly Chanposted in Money Shot

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