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Moments of Confusion

A series of paintings by artist Michael Chanarin, going on show at Eleven Spitalfields in London this week, have fused images from instruction manuals and text from daily horoscope readings to highlight ‘humour and displacement’.

The Hermit by Suzanne Treister

Psychic Dancehall

Tarot Cards – a source of artistic inspiration for luminaries including TS Eliot, Sylvia Plath and Genesis P – Orridge –  are being reworked once again for the Outrageous Fortune exhibition, which opens this week in Southend before touring nationally.

Herakut, Sketch

Hot Gossip

The Moniker Art Fair is launching Gossip Well Told – a London-based exhibition featuring the work of street artists from around the world.

Paul Wearing New Forest

Wearing out

The Kemistry gallery in London has announced its latest exhibition, Out Of My Head, by illustrator Paul Wearing.

Paul Priestman at No.10

Look to China

Earlier this week I was having lunch at No 10 Downing Street with David Cameron and the Chinese premier Wen. An intimate lunch with a small group of business people had been organised to develop and strengthen the trade relationships between our two countries.


Best of the Web

Our weekly round-up of interesting things we’ve seen on the Web.

The Wellcome Trust on London's Euston Road

Beach sounds for the Wellcome Collection

You can’t touch me, you can’t smell me, you can’t taste me, you can’t see me, but you can hear me, and I fill Euston Road with the sound of waves breaking onto pebbles, what am I?

Zizzi Ristorante has reinforced its already strong design credentials with the results of its menu design competition for graduates.

A still from The Itch of the Golden Nit

Crowdsourcing for kids

Crowdsourcing may have been a buzzword as of late, but you’d be hard pressed to find a community-generated project as endearing as new film The Itch of the Golden Nit.

Still from The Ghost of a bird, by Keith Newstead in collaboration Ralph Steadman

Making in film Video

In a year where Design Week has campaigned for drawing and making to be a staple of design education, it seems we are not alone, with the Victoria & Albert Museum and Crafts Council teaming up for the Power of Making exhibition, which opens in September.

The Spin Cycle side-on

Spin cycle

A graduate product designer has combined a washing machine and a bicycle into a single product, which he believes will create a unique way of washing clothes in developing countries.

By Renhui Zhao

A bird in the hand

For new exhibition A Bird In the Hand, artist Renhui Zhao has created haunting photography and sculpture that explores the connection between humans and birds, told from the slightly unusual perspective of semi-fictional body The Institute of Critical Zoology.By Renhui Zhao


Found faces

Paul Gray, founder of Glasgow consultancy Suisse, has an obsession.

A still from the title sequence featuring character Jonathan Ames

Type on TV Video

What methods have you tried to get over crippling creative block? Walking in the country, meditating, firing ideas off supportive friends and colleagues perhaps, but probably not advertising yourself on Craigslist as a private detective and solving crimes Film Noir-style with your comic artist best friend and pot-smoking editor in tow. No?

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